Saturday, July 16, 2011

F-5A from the 522nd FS over it's home base Bien-Hoa

An F-5A Freedom Fighter of the 522nd Fighter Squadron returned to Bien-Hoa AFB after a ground support mission over An-Loc in the summer of 1972.
Markers, color pencils and gouache on Canson paper.


Digital re-touched from original markers, color pencils and gouache on Canson paper...

"Defend the Fatherland, Guard the Space" Bảo Quốc Trấn Không.

A formation of VNAF F-5E banking away on a MIG-CAP exercise mission near the DMZ  circa 1974...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Saturday, April 2, 2011

VNAF CH-47A Chinook cartoon "An Loc Supply Missions"

The battle of defending An Loc in 1972 was certainly the most deadly battle against communism invasion during the Vietnam war...and with the introduce of the portable hand-held heat seeking missile SA-7 from Russia, many Vietnamese and US air crews had to risk their life to supply An Loc....

Here's shown a VNAF Chinook CH-47A at the moment entering An Loc hostile airspace with the thread of SA-7s and heavy AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery) such as Russian 130mm AAA that every body must be alerted for the sign of an SA-7 was launched which normally looks like a "start of a match" from the ground....

The dialogue in the cartoon from the pilot said "Watch the f**** SA-7s".....

VNAF F-5B cartoon, 522nd Fighter Squadron Bien-Hoa AFB

I do cartoon too....:)
This cartoon was based on a quotation of an US Advisor to the 522nd FS that "...VNAF F-5s pilots are small built in general, but once he is in an F-5 cockpit, he likes a tiger..."