Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rescue A Tiger...

I've done this sketch after I had heard a story of two F-5E's Tiger II from the 536 Fighter Squadron from Bien-Hoa AFB of the VNAF (South Vietnamese Air Force) had to make emergency landing at a "half abandoned" air field at Vung Tau ( a coastline town South-East of Sai-Gon).

One of the F-5E got both main landing gears blew up as a result of fox holes and bad run way as it touched down...The next day, a Chinook CH-47 (medium heavy lift helicopter) came in with maintenance crew and epuipments to replace the tires and repaired.  There was two high rank, experience pilots also came out to fly the Tigers back to Bien-Hoa.

The interesting about this story that I was first heard it from a Chinook pilot I knew of who told the story from his perspective.  About a year later I traveled to the US and had a chance to attend a party of the Ex-VNAF Fighter Pilot Squadron and met these two pilots who told their story which I thought I have heard it before....and it turned out to be the same story....but this time, I heard it from the Tigers pilot's perspective...What a coo-incident and rather interesting story...

And here is my first prediction of what may looked like at the sense....:)

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