Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Kingbees" Honored in Las Vegas

After reading this article from this link,13190,SOF_0804_Kingbees,00.html

"On Christmas Day, 1968, our team was on a small hilltop, surrounded by NVA troops who torched the vegetation around the hill and were attempting to burn us off the hilltop. At the last moment, as our entire team was choking on smoke and ashes, then-Capt. Nguyen van Tuong piloted his H-34 down a steep mountainside to our LZ. His rotorwash pushed back the flames until our team boarded the chopper. As he lifted-off, flames consumed the area we had vacated."

I can see the sense on that hilltop with the old workhorse warrior KingBee H-34 hoover to the LZ to pick up the Special Force Team....I want to paint this story....

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