Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kiowa OH-58 retirement tribute painting prints.

Kiowa OH-58 retirement tribute painting.

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  1. Dear Co,
    I came across your amazing and heartfelt artistic talents entirely by chance. I found myself looking at a sketch you had done of a UH-1H from the US Army's 282nd AHC, based at Marble Mountain in 1971. I was a pilot in the s8snd AHC from Jan 1971 through April 1071 and flew the Lam Son 719 operation with the Black Cats. You have a unique eye and a truly memorable style. Is there any chance that you have done prints of the Black Cat Huey? Any further information concerning the origins of this sketch would be an additional gift to share with one who has some understanding of the soul behind your skilled hands. I can be reached in the US at
    My name is Kevin Farrington, and I was a CW2 pilot in the Spring of 1971. My grateful appreciation.
    best regards,